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CEBINA is actively scouting early-stage academic drug development projects to fast-track towards the pharmaceutical industry​​

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Innovative academic research projects are often too early stage to be partnered with Pharma or Biotech companies, or lack the access to funding necessary to translate research projects to industry ready opportunities. ​CEBINA aims to bridge this gap between academia and industry, translating academic research projects into focused drug discovery programs across multiple therapeutic areas. CEBINA will fast-track early-stage drug development projects, making them attractive for spin-out company formation or licensing to Pharmaceutical companies.​

CEBINA will provide funding for carefully selected projects. Our experienced biotech team will work together in peer-to-peer scientific collaboration with academic researchers to carry out a research validation plan, with projects running an average of 6-9 months. 

For each selected project, CEBINA works with the academic researchers and technology transfer offices on the next stages of commercialization for the project. ​


Innovative drug discovery projects from Universities and Research Institutes in Central and Eastern Europe​

Projects with significant commercial potential and unmet medical need​

Intellectual Property (either filed patents or potential for new IP)​

Collaborative team spirit​

what are we looking for



For academic innovators:​

  • Research translated from academia into industry​

  • Work with a team of experienced biotech and Pharma experts at CEBINA to develop and mature ideas​

  • Accelerate projects towards product development and market​

  • Access funding​


For Universities/Research Institutes and Technology Transfer Offices:​

  • Improve University knowledge transfer for societal benefit​

  • Foster entrepreneurship within academic departments​

  • Financial return for successful commercialisation of projects via licensing or start-up formation



Karl-Farkas-Gasse 22

1030 Vienna, Austria

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