CEBINA uniquely supports life science entrepreneurs and early-stage start-up companies and develops cutting-edge biotech projects


CEBINA was founded with the aim of creating, nurturing, and promoting early-stage life sciences companies, to develop new medicines and cutting-edge technologies.


With decades-long experience in pharmaceutical product development and biotech entrepreneurship, our team supports our internal projects and resident companies with cutting edge facilities and tailor-made services throughout all stages of company development.


For each new project, CEBINA undertakes extensive due diligence to identify projects with the highest potential, offering attractive, de-risked opportunities for investors.

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10 December 2021

CEBINA reports broad anti-viral potency of azelastine, an antihistamine widely available as a nasal spray, has potential for use against influenza and RSV infections in addition to SARS-CoV-2 and its variants of concern including the Omicron variant
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17 August 2021

Widely available anti-allergy azelastine nasal spray poised to revolutionise COVID-19 management

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14 June 2021

CEBINA announces the launch of Danube Labs, a partnership with Evotec to develop cutting edge biotechnology projects sourced from Central and Eastern European Universities and Research Institutions

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