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Pioneering transformation of early-stage ideas into groundbreaking health solutions

Unique Innovation Ecosystem

CEBINA is Vienna-based private biotech company.

As a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, our mission is to foster the growth of early-stage life sciences ventures, cultivating innovation and advancing breakthroughs in medicine and technology.

With extensive expertise in pharmaceutical development and biotech entrepreneurship, we provide hands-on and tailored support to both our accelerated programs and resident companies at every phase of their journey.

Thanks to our rigorous due diligence process, we uncover projects with exceptional promise, thereby presenting investors with compelling and de-risked investment opportunities.

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Latest News

28 February 2024

CEBINA announces the launch of DanubeNeuro, an acceleration program transforming insightful neuroscience research into novel therapeutics

18 December 2023

Eveliqure initiates clinical safety and immunogenicity trials of its vaccine candidate against Shigellosis and ETEC in endemic populations in Bangladesh

02 May 2023

CEBINA announces positive results of a Phase 2 Clinical Study with COVID-19 patients and Azelastine nasal spray published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal

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