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Full-Service Approach for Life Science Companies

CEBINA offers a full-service approach tailored to the unique needs of our resident life science companies.

From access to our BSL2 facility to personalized corporate support and management mentoring, we provide support to our partner companies with the tools and guidance necessary for success.

R&D Expertise:

Our dedicated team of experts specializing in drug discovery, translational research, and preclinical R&D brings forth a wealth of industry experience: with deep understanding of the intricacies involved in each phase of biotech projects. 

Organizational Assistance:

With our accounting and organizational support, companies can significantly reduce their operational costs while redirecting time and resources toward driving innovation and achieving strategic objectives.

Your gateway to biotech entrepreneurship

CEBINA is your strategic partner in driving biotech breakthroughs: our modular services are designed to empower biotech companies at every stage of their journey, from discovery to commercialization.

Corporate Support:

CEBINA's team offers expert guidance in business development, intellectual property management, marketing and PR strategy, with actionable solutions to enhance company's growth and visibility within the competitive biotech space.

Investor Network:

CEBINA extends beyond conventional support by granting access to a diverse network of private investors, significantly enhancing the prospects of securing funding and advancing innovation and development.

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