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Accelerator Programs

Catalyzing collaboration between academia and industry, CEBINA transforms pioneering research into tangible solutions through its acceleration programs, strategically crafted to create new startups and outlicencing opportunities that feed into the developmental pipeline of the Pharma industry.

Navigating the path from academic discovery to real-world impact

Groundbreaking academic research initiatives often face the situation that these are either too early for collaboration with Pharma, or lack the essential funding to transition into industry-ready opportunities. At CEBINA, we are dedicated to bridging this critical gap between academia and industry, by transforming academic research endeavors into targeted drug discovery programs spanning various therapeutic domains.

We accelerate the development of early-stage drug development projects through strategic funding allocation in our acceleration programs. 

Together with academic researchers and our partner CROs, we drive a rigorous research validation and acceleration targeted for a 9-12 months timeframe.

For each selected project, CEBINA works closely with the academic and CRO teams to generate a comprehensive data package, marking a significant impact in the project's journey towards commercialization.

Danube Labs integrates CEBINA’s expertise in scientific innovation and entrepreneurship with Evotec’s industry-leading drug discovery and development expertise. We collaborate with selected academic groups to expedite the transformation of academic life science research projects into mature initiatives poised for spin-out company formation or out-licensing opportunities.

*** Two NewCos Launching Soon ***

DanubeNeuro is CEBINA's accelerator program dedicated to neurodegeneration, dementia and aging. Supported by dedicated family offices and private investors, DanubeNeuro identifies and develops ground-breaking research projects with potential to deliver innovative drugs, diagnostic methods, disease biomarkers and imaging approaches in the neurodegenerative diseases field.

*** Launched 2024 ***

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