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The CEBINA R&D team consist of experienced biotech and pharma professionals and our services cover:

  • Technology evaluation

  • Discovery research

  • Translational research

  • Preclinical development expertise

  • Product development strategy, clinical feasiblity

We also offer access to our network of pre-vetted preferred contract research partners.

Our corporate team brings a wealth of international experience from biotech, pharma and investment, and can provide services covering:

  • Strategic Business Development, licensing and contracting

  • Intellectual Property strategy and management

  • Market research and Communications

  • Legal, finance, HR, accounting, administration services

  • Management

  • Access to our network of private investors

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Biotech Accelerator

CEBINA's experienced biotech team uniquely supports promising drug discovery and development projects and early-stage companies to reach the next value inflection point

We achieve this by offering a unique full-service model for life science companies on a modular and bespoke basis, to the extent each company needs. Companies incubated in CEBINA can rely on our experienced biotech team and expertise for support and mentoring, which gives them a head-start in the early stages of company growth.

From access to our R&D expertise to corporate support and management mentoring, CEBINA’s service model allows our resident companies to maximize their early investments in innovation and further their projects by reducing administrative and operational costs.

Accelerated companies

Eveliqure logo square.png

Eveliqure is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary vaccine technology platform aiming at improving the quality of life for both the poor and the privileged by providing innovative medical solutions to fight diarrhoeal diseases.

ShigETEC, Eveliqure's vaccine candidate against Shigellae and enterotoxigenic E. coli, has successfully concluded its first Phase 1 clinical testing.


CALYXHA is a biotech start-up company developing novel small molecule anti-inflammatory drugs.

CALYXHA’s lead drug candidate targets multiple inflammatory diseases and is currently in preclinical development.

algonist square.png

Algonist Biotechnologies is the first start-up biotech company spun out from CEBINA.

Algonist is developing novel drugs against chronic pain that have comparable efficacy to opioids but do not lead to addiction.

MAG new logo square.png

MAG – Molecular Architecture Group – brings together scientists who believe that today’s challenges in biomedicine and in developing new drugs require new molecular design principles. Taking a pragmatic and visionary approach and leveraging chemistry, molecular-structural biology as well as computational technology, MAG-LAB aims to revolutionize the way molecular therapeutics are designed.

In addition to bringing innovation to their clients’ projects, MAG is also creating its own pipeline of novel therapeutics for challenging medical needs.

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