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  • Roman Lichtenecker,PhD,Head of Organic Synthesis at MAG-LAB

MAG-LAB – High-end tech and scientific support provider for the Biotech and Pharma Industry


MAG-LAB ( was founded in 2021 with the aim to put to use our vast expertise and knowledge gained in academia and in numerous collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry, to provide high-end technology and scientific support for the pharma industry and the biotech sector. Because of our long-standing engagement in academic research, we believe that MAG-LAB is in a unique position to investigate industry-relevant scientific questions, with a progressive and interdisciplinary point of view.

We believe that our experience will help us to catalyze the progress of pharmaceutical industrial projects, and to spark entirely new projects in the fields of drug development and optimization. Incubated and accelerated by CEBINA (, MAG-LAB combines chemistry, in-silico drug discovery, as well as structural biology to cover a wide range of project scope.

Our highly experienced team brings together a broad expertise from different research fields: at MAG-LAB, we have the possibility to apply state-of-the-art methodology to innovative projects, leading us to successful project development and execution.

“MAG-LAB aims to leverage decade-long academic expertise to directly address demands and shortcomings in the pharma industry. MAG-LAB’s extensive scientific toolkit ranges from in-silico drug identification, protein or ligand NMR studies and assay development to customized chemical synthesis, protein biochemistry and cell-biology.” Prof. Robert Konrat (scientific advisor and co-founder), outlines the idea behind MAG-LAB.

NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) has nowadays matured into a major experimental technique for life science research and drug design. It provides unique information about dynamic properties and interaction surfaces of biomolecules with atomic resolution. However, NMR applications to more challenging protein targets are impeded due to experimental limitations, which MAG-LAB now overcomes by its unique toolbox comprising customized synthetic chemistry and molecular biology.

Currently, MAG-LAB’s chemistry team supports both academic and industrial protein NMR groups by providing building blocks for protein production, optimally designed to customer demands. A toolbox of labelled molecules is available from our online catalogue, which is constantly expanded and adapted to the needs of our customers. Additionally, MAG-LAB offers customized protein production in various expression organisms.

Another scientific branch of MAG-LAB offers to customers the possibility to combine in-silico approaches with synthetic organic chemistry, NMR experimental validation and data analysis, in order to provide highly detailed information about the protein-drug interaction interface. The availability of such reliable information on crucial protein-ligand interactions with atomic resolution offers new, radically different ways to design drugs with improved affinity and selectivity. Particularly in areas of huge unmet medical need, such as neurodegeneration, autoimmune disorders or cancer, we aim to take a leading role in shifting the paradigm of drug development, taking into account the complexity of these diseases while reducing drug development times and increasing the success rates based on highly interdisciplinary, knowledge-driven workflows.

To know more about MAG-LAB, please visit our website ( or contact us at



Dr. Roman Lichtenecker


Karl-Farkas-Gasse 22

1030 Vienna


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